One-On-One Training

From helping you build your skill set to personalized coaching to working with you to create a memorable performance, Shaina is available both in-person and online, to help you achieve all your pole goals.

Photo by Michel Leroy

Photo by Michel Leroy

Private Lessons

Shaina offers private (or semi-private) pole dance lessons for absolute beginners through advanced students, creating the content and structure to your individual goals and needs. Pricing, location and availability to be determined with each student. 


Whether you are preparing for a competition, performance or working on specific tricks or combos, Shaina offers personalized guidance to help you achieve your individual pole goals. She specializes in trick execution, transition work, lines, flow and performance quality. 


With her contemporary pole dance style, Shaina can work with you to craft a custom, versatile piece that utilizes your abilities and showcases your absolute best performance. From your music selection to full choreography to filling in "between pole" gaps, Shaina is available to help at all stages. 

contemPOLEary DANCE Workshops

Shaina loves traveling and sharing her passion for teaching while having the opportunity to experience the culture and talent that makes each pole studio its own unique inspiring haven. Shaina's contemPOLEary DANCE is incorporated in many of the workshops she offers. This does not mean that these workshops will be centered around only dance. Along with contemporary flavored movement (on and off the pole) they will include discussions on how students can apply an individual style to their pole work.

THE THREE  S’s –Shaina’s Spins on Static 
Intermediate/advanced students
Get those callouses ready or prepare to build thicker ones! This workshop will start with conditioning to develop and prepare the body for the core strength you will need to make these spins look powerful yet effortless, followed by a focus on getting the most revolutions possible out of advanced static spins. You'll learn how to create dynamic rotation using the proper technique to enter and exit these unique static spins.

SPINNY contemPOLEary (all spin pole)
Beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced available
Starting with total body conditioning both on the floor and on the pole, students will learn how to use their body weight to control the speed of the spin. This workshop will teach students how to maintain beautiful shapes and speed with contemporary components intertwined. Students will leave this workshop having gained more knowledge of the mechanics of the spin pole and what makes it such a versatile apparatus.

With Power Comes Grace 
Intermediate/advanced students
Who says power moves can't be graceful and fluid? In this workshop, students will learn to transform those often-rigid strength tricks into smooth, flowing sequences that drop jaws. Starting with dynamic, strength-building techniques focusing on shoulders and arms, students will then learn fluid sequences that incorporate handsprings, ayeshas, and more on both static and spin pole!

Perfect Lines
Beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced available
Do you desire lines that people never forget? This workshop will teach you the tricks of the trade!! Students will immerse themselves in a 30-minute leg intensive warm-up to make sure their muscles are nice an gooey. Whether we are  working on a static spin or holding a pose on the spin pole, students will learn the artful technique of perfecting their lines. Making them look longer, leaner and as if energy is constantly shooting down their limbs and out through the tips of their fingers and toes!

Signature contemPOLEary FLOWS
Have you watched one of Shainas videos and are dyeing to learn something from what you have seen? THIS is your workshop!! Shaina will have a plan as to what will be included BUT if there are any requests she will gladly take them. This workshop will start with a contemporary dance-based warm-up, including across the floor movement, followed by ways to enhance your pole work with fresh, stylized contemporary dance movement. will leave this workshop having learned individual tricks they may have seen Shaina do in a past performance.

contemPOLEary DANCE Floor-Work (off the pole workshop)
Beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced available
Do you have trouble figuring out what to do when you are not on the pole? Whether you are working on trying to get from one pole to the other or just want to add some floor work to your repertoire for freestyle purposes, this is the workshop for you!! It will start with a 30-minute warm-up including some across the floor shoulder rolls of different variations and dive into a full fledged contemporary dance floor workshop. (students are encouraged to bring pants/leg warmers/socks to this workshop)

Everything Hand Balancing
Open Level
Learning to handstand is a process!! Embracing the journey is the first step towards a solid hand balancing foundation. This workshop will start with exploration of strengthening and conditioning techniques that will delve into alignment, shoulder opening, and tap into acrobatic principles. This workshop will help students gain the strength and confidence needed to obtain a greater sense of balance. 
*Workshop includes techniques related to: shoulder stands, headstands, forearm stands, and hand stands.


contemPOLEary DANCE'ography
Intermediate/advanced available
This choreography based workshop will start with a 30-miniute contemporary dance warm-up along with a bit of conditioning. Dancers will learn specific fluid, yet not confined contemporary choreography. Shaina creates and environment of open experimentation and will encourage dancers to take risks and make deliberate stylistic choices. 

Performance Opportunities

Shaina has an expert background in many different types of dance, including pole, contemporary, ballet, modern, jazz, tap and more. She is passionate about a wide range of dance styles and is enthusiastic for all performance opportunities.

Poletential's Air Show Nov 2015
Guest performers

Judging Competitions

Shaina is available to judge regional, national or international pole competitions. As a seasoned pole competitor, she has the knowledge and critical eye needed to skillfully judge any level or category of a pole dance competition.  

Judging/ Guest Performance Experience

~2014 South East Aerial Championship - Orlando, Florida : Judge/Guest Performer

~2014 Miss Pole Dance Australia - Sydney, Australia : Judge

~2015 Mr and Miss Pole Dance Germany/ Mr & Miss Pole Dance Globe - Giessen, Germany : Judge/Guest Performer 

~2015 Miss Extreme Pole Dance - Madrid, Spain : Judge/Guest Performer

~2015 PSO US National Pole Championship - Los Angeles, CA : Judge

~2015 Argentina Pole Championship/ SudAmerica Pole Championship - Buenos Aires, Argentina : Judge/Guest Performer

~2016 Pole Fit Open - Iceland : Judge

~2016 Pole Sport Organizations European Pole Championship - Zurich, Switzerland : Judge/Guest Performer

~2016 Pole Theatre UK - London : Judge

~2016 Pole Theatre Greece - Athens, Greece : Judge/ Guest Performer

~2016 Pole Theatre Worlds - Prague : Judge

~2017 Pacific Pole Championships - Los Angeles, CA : Judge

~2017 Coloardo Pole Championships - Boulder, Colorado : Judge/ Guest Performer

~2017 Pole Fit Open - Iceland : Judge

~2018 Pole Theatre UK - London : Judge/ Guest Performer

~2018 Pole Theatre Scandinavia - Stockholm, Sweden : Judge

~2018 Netherlands Pole Championship - Nijmegen, Netherlands

~2018 Iceland Aerial Arts Championship - Iceland : Judge